Not Broken

www.coachingbytext.comHeal” is not a word that makes a regular appearance in my lexicon.

To me, using the word “heal” assumes that something or someone is broken and needs to be fixed.

Making the assumption that something or someone needs to be fixed, makes meΒ  presumptuous. It implies that I place my own concept of perfection above that of Infinite Wisdom.

I honor the Self within me. I honor the Self within you. We are all One. Each a unique and perfect expression of Perfection.

Nothing to fix. Nothing to mend. Just a slight shift in perception to see and appreciate the Splendor within each of us.

9 thoughts on “Not Broken

  1. Well, I can’t completely see it that way, but I know what you want to express. As a person with a mental illness whose experienced it’s trauma, I have needed to heal. It take a lot of work and time.

    Perhaps I am all good at my core, but my mind has hurt me. People’s deaths have hurt me. The grieving process is a type of healing. Any injury, weather to the body or mind needs to heal.

  2. Thank you, Margarita. I love this. I’ve thought the same thing about the word heal. I honor the Self in you and your part in the grand Oneness. Hugs.

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