www.coachingbytext.comStuck in traffic due to a parade on Fifth Avenue, I got off the crosstown bus and continued across Central Park on foot. Usually when I walk across the park, I’m actually in the park, not using the traffic transverse.

In spite of the relatively mild winter, Spring has been slow in coming. It’s as if Mother Nature is confused about how to proceed…except for this tenacious sprig of green, boldly thrusting through the stones and living. Now.



16 thoughts on “Tenacious

    1. Yes. As Valkyrie and I walked along Riverside Drive this morning, I was struck by the dearth of blooms. Unexpected for this time of year, Roger! 😉 xoM

  1. I feel just as confused as Momma Nature I think….how do I proceed in this “winter of discontent?” With love is all that comes to me! Keep the lights on. Love to you M!

  2. We are heading into winter here down under but it has been hot; but now its turned COLD! Not only are the plants confused, us humans are too 🤣🐻

  3. I love Central Park this time of year, when things start sprouting and spring breezes replace winter gales. Even the people seem nicer. I’m glad you got to enjoy doing it on foot 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about spring. The weather has been getting nicer, but there is no new growth yet. I love it when I see plants growing in cement. I feel like it’s speaking to me and saying I need to realize my resilience too. 🙂

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