Maybe it’s more important than the second amendment and that’s why the Founding Fathers made it first?


Today, we had yet another opportunity to exercise our first amendment rights. We took to the streets, once again, with thousands of our fellow New Yorkers, to demand transparency and accountability from the current administration.

Why are the tax returns of the current occupant of the Oval Office important? Because the individual holding that office, and responsibility, is bound by honor and law to serve the citizens of the United States FIRST. The operative word here is “serve.” The Office is not a pass to unbridled individual enrichment. At its best, it is about the enrichment and prospering of its constituents. His tax returns are the only evidence We The People have that we are not being defrauded.


Full disclosure: I do not trust the current occupant of the Oval Office as far as I can throw him. While I’m a strong woman, I admit I can’t throw him at all.

The streets were filled with concerned citizens, standing in their own power, holding one of their employees accountable. There was a feeling of camaraderie and fellowship in the crowd. I didn’t meet a single cranky person.



www.coachingbytext.com…the Truth Fairy looked a little worried. But definitely not cranky!

14 thoughts on “Exercising

    1. I was heartened to be surrounded by persistent people determined to stand in their power and demand the accountability due them from a public servant. Although I’d like to see things shift a little more quickly, I must place my trust in Infinite Wisdom. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxoM

  1. And all he had to say to the protestors “The Election is Over….” his lack of transparency cries out with guilt but even if he is, who in Washington actually will stand up to him? It doesn’t seem like anything we do phases him to do the right thing. There is almost a Soprano’s vibe going on in our government. Thank you M and to all those who were with you for at least trying.

    1. Oh, Jackie, don’t focus so much on what he says. Trust that the actions the many are taking are the tools the Universe is using to effect change. It doesn’t happen in the way we envision. Let’s release ourselves from that suffering and just keep doing what we must. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxoM

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