Extreme Vetting

Yes, we do need some extreme vetting.

www.coachingbytext.comNot of immigrants, but of candidates vying for the job of representing constituents’ interests.


Looking at the individuals sitting in the House of Representatives and the Senate, not to mention the Oval Office, perhaps a more careful and stringent vetting process before qualifying to put their name on a ballot might have yielded better quality representation.


Whose name goes on a ballot is under State jurisdiction. Perhaps it’s time to jolt our state legislatures into action and demand measures that protect the voters’ interests.


8 thoughts on “Extreme Vetting

  1. Hi M. Political ideology is most times ingrained in us from the environment we are surrounded by for most of our lives. The same goes for faith/spirituality/religion. You and I have almost identical understandings of Spirit/Oneness, but most of society does not teach what we understand. Isn’t it fascinating how we found our own way? As for me, I was not raised to believe what the Spirit guided me to know. I am also not surrounded by anyone who understands Spirit the way I do. It’s always refreshing to meet someone who understands Oneness. I know what prompted me to search for spiritual truth. I’m curious how you found it.

    1. I just woke up to it, Lori. What I was being taught, made no sense to me. What I knew to be true was frowned upon. Since I was damned to confusion if I went along with the non-sense, and damned to disapproval if I held fast to my Truth, I chose to be damned my way: hold fast to my own Truth, and accept that each one of us is free to hold fast to theirs. ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxoM

      1. Pretty much the same for me, M. Except, two things prompted my awakening. One was being shown Oneness in a spiritual experience as a teenager. Later in life, when I was going through difficulty, I needed answers. I was confused by what I was taught and the experience I had as a teenager. That was my second prompting and reinforced awakening.

        Thank you for answering my question. I too, chose to be damned my way. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Kyle and I noticed this Enquirer propaganda at the grocery store this morning! Something tells me no matter what we do, it’s going to take a force greater than any human on this earth to get anyone in this administration properly vetted and or ejected from office. I know this is silly, but I keep hoping there are aliens who have been watching all of this and have decided the experiment has gone far enough….sigh. Love you.

    1. Jackie, darling, now is the time to allow our human fears and doubts to rest and let our Divine nature to take front and center. Trust is hard in the human realm! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxoM

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