A Little Humor


While activism and standing in my own power is work I take seriously, I’m also blessed with the ability to be easily amused.

My life would be dreary, indeed,  without a chuckle or two, or an outright guffaw, every day.

I like laughter in my life!

11 thoughts on “A Little Humor

  1. It’s just sad isn’t it?! I’m praying the greatest good for him and the rest of this world happens soon. I don’t know how many more of his toxic executive orders I can stomach! Love you!

    1. Laughter is the best remedy for everything, Russel. Fear not, the best is yet to be. I’m optimistic and encouraged by the thousands of citizens who are not fading into the background as the current occupant of the oval office would like. 😉 xoxoM

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