“It’s your legacy!”

…my mother told me, proudly pointing at the painting of the troika my brother bought for her at the mall.



Well…not exactly. I know she never rode in a troika. And I doubt my grandfather, her father, did either.


It’s very interesting to me what each member of my family considers our heritage. What aspect of our family tree they each latch onto. I am, by far, the least traditional of the tribe, letting go of traditions that no longer serve me without a backward glance. Creating new ones that serve me now with Love and Joy.


I hope I’m leaving a legacy for my darling daughter of living in the Present. Present to the opportunities. Present to Unconditional Love and Joy. Fearlessly present.


Time will tell.

14 thoughts on ““It’s your legacy!”

    1. A troika is a Russian sled pulled by three horses. A literal translation of troika is threesome or team of three. Troikas were luxurious conveyances for the aristocracy. While my family is noble (as are all expressions of Self), soft, white bread might have been my ancestors’ luxury of choice. πŸ˜‰ xoxoM

      1. Thanks for explaining, M. Your background sounds very interesting. I also thought I read the Portuguese language on your blog before. I enjoy learning about cultures and other peoples’ heritage. So fascinating the infinite ways the Self expresses.

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