Over There


I can see it.


It seems so distant.

An illusion.



9 thoughts on “Over There

  1. A very moving piece. In Britain the bomb in Manchester and the murder by van and knives in London follow very quickly on one another. Your piece of whimsy spoke to me of the kind thoughtful taxi driver who pick me up from theological college this afternoon as a Muslim he could so readily have been viewed as over there yet talking with him we were coming from the same place his fears for his children was that of all parents would had seen children and young people badly injured and some killed leaving a concert. I asked if his life as a cab driver had become more difficult he agreed it had but said he understood and tried to ignore the personal comments. He is not over there he is here, just as a Romanian man seeing three men with knifes running towards his customers in London was when he used the only weapons he had a couple of crates was not over there (He then locked himself and his customers in the cellar of the place where he works till help came)

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s a wonderful reminder that regardless of appearances, we are truly all One. We share the same anxieties and desire for a better life. We wish to make a difference and do good in our world. Not over there, but here and now. Thank you! 😉 xoM

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