Commuting Experience

With his recent post about his commuting experience in New Jersey, my friend Mike reminded me that eons ago, in what seems like a lifetime or two past, I, too, was a New Jersey commuter. The sixteen-mile commute from Cranford to Morristown took forty-five minutes. Not too bad.

Until…the gas shortage of 1979. That’s when I learned the hell of getting from one place to another in New Jersey on public transportation. It was nearly impossible! I had to take a train from Cranford to Newark’s Penn Station, then walk from Penn Station to the Erie Lackawanna Station (across from the Lincoln Motel where they rented rooms for $5 in 15-minute increments) to take another train to Convent Station, and then walk the rest of the way to work. It only took me four hours to make this trip because I started early.  After that experience, car-pooling became de rigueur for the duration of the shortage. My experience was that the fastest way to get from point A to point B in New Jersey was to go all the way to NYC first!

www.coachingbytext.comThese days, I commute to New Jersey several times a week. A short jaunt that takes me across the George Washington Bridge and its majestic views of the Hudson River. Since I always have my camera with me, I frequently amuse myself by snapping photos out the bus window.

My memories of commuting in NJ inspired me to create this representation of my experiences. I’d definitely rather be riding a bus!

7 thoughts on “Commuting Experience

  1. I’ve never met yet a single person who likes long commutes. Tim always says he’d take a lower paying job any day as long as it’s closer to home. I don’t blame him–who doesn’t like that? 🤣

    I really wonder how humanity would improve commuting a couple hundred years from now. Teleportation? Flying cars? Would we still even exist? 🤣

    Blessed Sunday to you, M!

    1. I think the current telecommute comes close, Jenny. I wonder what work will look like a couple of hundred years from now. What kind of jobs will be needed? What will we be making? How will we be serving? Where will we be? 😉 xoxoxM

  2. Dang! A four hour commute? My trip to Lawrenceville was just shy on 90 minutes each way — and I thought the drive was gonna kill me.

    Also there were no picturesque sights along the way, like, say, The Lincoln Motel.

    1. LOL! Remember, this was the gas crisis in ’79 when I was – briefly – at the mercy of the virtually non-existent NJ public transportation “system.” And I use that term loosely!

      Even today, getting from one point in NJ to another via NJ Transit is way more painful than just coming into NYC! 😉 xoxoM

  3. My friend’s commute from where we live into the city (Chicago Loop) for work was 90 minutes each way (she recently lost her job). My friend and I live in the very farthest away suburb that the train goes to (west). So, we’re the last stop. My other friend who lives in a closer suburb to the city is only 40 minutes each way on the train. Needless to say, my friend who lost her job is now looking for something closer by.

    So, I take it you drive now? It sounds like your commute goes the opposite direction of NYC? Usually going against the rush hour traffic is a little smoother (sometimes). If you’re driving, yes, it’s difficult to take photos. 😦

    1. No driving, Lori. I’m strictly a public transportation girl! One can get almost anywhere in, around, and from NYC via public transportation. It’s once we’re out of the city that things get tricky…unless we’ve traveled to another city. Generally, that’s what we choose to do. 😉 xoxoM

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