And Leave The Driving To…

…somebody else!

Being a passenger frees me up to take pictures. Or read. Or meditate…


10 thoughts on “And Leave The Driving To…

  1. such nice public transportation there, Margarita!
    if only i could get this bike of mine
    to self steer & drive
    so i could take pictures
    as i go!
    oh well, guess i’ll just keep
    having to stop, point, shoot
    & go 🙂

  2. So true yesterday I went to a quiet day by train I was able to concentrate on the canals and other changing scenery even though I was running late I did not get stressed as I would whilst I still drove. The scenery and the company was soothing both going and retuning. On the trip home I could relive and review all that God had said. Cars and speed are great tools but poor habits.

    1. Yes! Not to mention a poor use of our energy resources, dear one. Not only the Earth’s energy resources, also our own, personal energy resources. So glad you had a lovely day! 😉 xoxoM

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