7 thoughts on “As John Adams Said,

  1. I’m hardly qualified to comment on this subject. But I read some about the founding fathers and I felt we were fontunate to have survived the turmoil that boiled over.

    Here we are again with a president who waid the consitiution was inconvenient. Yet no one forced him to sware to uphold it. Once again they are poised to run their quils through it. There’s nothing yu and I can do but watch.

    1. We can each stand in our own power, Scott. What we all seem to have forgotten is that those who think they are the “powers that be” really only have our power on loan, and we’ve forgotten we can take it back.

      It behooves us to instruct our representatives as to how we wish to be represented and then hold them to it. The concept is simple, the execution is not easy.

      Let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy holding this grand experiment together! 😉 xoxoM

    1. Yes! In our home we refer to it as “the documentary,” lol! When my sweet husband and I were reading the letters of Abigail and John Adams, we were surprised by how many lines were lifted directly into the play! 😉 xoxoM

      1. It’s cool, isn’t it! I love that musical. “A truly noble bird, sauce and sustenance of the original settlers. Therefore the national bird of America will be the…”

        “Dr. Lyman Hall” — the real hero. ❤

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