www.coachingbytext.comI Am a Divine Being having a human experience.

We come to this world to satisfy our desires. As Divine Beings, we have no need of anything since Perfection is our Source and Substance. Taking form allows us to experience the wonders and delights of a temporary life, limited by embodiment and the belief that only that which our senses can perceive and synthesize is reality.

While in the human experience, we forget who and what we Are and so we struggle with the illusion of meeting needs while putting off satisfying desires.

When we truly know Who and What we Are, a knowing that comes from deep within ourselves, conflict between need and desire melts away and we can simply BE.

15 thoughts on “Desire

  1. Love it Margarita! Just “Being”, for me, is both the most important yet complicated part of taking form in this world. Much love and light to you my friend!

  2. “Simply be.” That is wonderful! I love the positive message here. Sometimes we keep going and going, wanting more. It’s best to find a place of “simply be.” We would never know stress again if we did!

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