He’s Baaaccckkkk!

I’m talking about Columbus.  Last fall, the statue of Columbus perched atop its column in Columbus Circle became an up-close-and-personal art installation for a while.  You can read about it here.


As I was walking around Columbus Circle a few weeks ago, I noticed the scaffolding around the statue was coming down.  Columbus was once again visible high above the city streets.

And now all the scaffolding is gone, and Columbus once more has, and is, an unobstructed view.  It’s nice to see the old boy all cleaned up!

12 thoughts on “He’s Baaaccckkkk!

  1. Two new posts for your evaluation, please check
    1. The Ride of the Rollercoaster
    2. There is always a mixture of emotions

    1. Okay, I’ve been off the ‘net for a couple of days. I’ve brought up those two posts and will get to them in a bit. Thanks for bringing my attention to them! xoxoM

    1. “As the inside, so the outside.” It has taken me a very long time to understand the truth of that statement. In human experience, the inclination is to start from the outside and work toward the inside, if we have time, eventually, perhaps. The truth is that it all flows from within. xoxoM

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