New Amsterdam All Over Again

The original Dutch settlers named our little island New Amsterdam to remind them of their homeland.  This Spring, we have way more than that moniker to remind us of those roots…

…we’ve got all these blooming bulbs!  In all my years in New York City, I’ve never seen so many tulips blooming everywhere.  It’s the prettiest Spring I’ve ever seen here.  Come to think of it, it’s the first real Spring we’ve had in years!

17 thoughts on “New Amsterdam All Over Again

  1. These are oh so pretty! I heard an interesting factoid today – the weather in NYC is different from the rest of North America because of the predominance of large buildings – you get spring earlier & fall later than the rest of us! Interesting thought!

      1. That is where I heard it! I have been a fan of NCIS from the very first episode! There I go with all the exclamation points again.

  2. Gorgeous. I live on the left coast, but was brought up in NJ. I love it that our (CA) daffodils begin blooming in February here, but on the other hand, NY, NJ, CT, PA and MA grow the most beautiful bulbed flowers. Probably because they get that good frozen underground experience before they crop up in April.

    1. Thanks, Pam! This past winter wasn’t that cold, but spring has been arriving gradually. Perhaps that has something to do with the profusion and proliferation of beautiful bulbed flowers! Thanks for stopping by! xoM

  3. Gorgeous !
    Yes, cities generate warmth from their buildings which creates a micro-climate… and those tall buildings also create high winds because of the way air currents have to cope with all those unyielding buildings..
    The scent from those flowers, especially the hyacinths, must be heavenly….

    1. The variety in color, size, and shape of the tulips is mindboggling, Leanne. In all my years in NYC, I’ve never seen such a profusion of blooms! xoM

    1. Right? Maybe it’s because we’re having a real spring instead of springboarding from winter straight into summer? Whatever is, I’m enjoying the show! xoxoM

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