I frequently hear people talking about wanting to bring balance into their lives.

That seems like such an odd concept to me. Consider: when I think of balance, I conjure an image of scales, how difficult it is to balance them and how precarious it seems to maintain that balance.

I prefer to have flow in my life. To allow joy, love, and fearlessness flow unhindered in and through my life. Like water.


I love water. Its cleansing power. The power to generate electricity. To bring life to arid soil. To soothe overheated skin and slake parched throats.

Most of all, I love the resolute flow of water.


10 thoughts on “Water

  1. Are you a water sign, Margarita? I like that flow idea, but I’m definitely a balance girl. My sign is the scales. While I’m not someone who relies on horoscopes, when I read the description of a Libra personality, it’s uncanny how closely I fit. Justice and balance.

    1. My sweet husband is also Libra. Definitely all about justice and struggles with balance. I’m an earth sign, Lori. Solid. Systematic. One-foot-in-front-of-the-other type of gal! ;D xoxoM

      1. Right? I’ve always lived close to water for that reason, Audra. Often, even the sound of a fountain can soothe whatever roils me. My favorite fountain is the one in Lincoln Center! xoxoM

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