13 thoughts on “Taking The Helm

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    I like the verb to lead, instead of the noun leadership. Once we name something, it becomes static and it is a role. When we use the verb and the gerund, leading, guiding a person adrift in confusion is acting ethically. We act in a loving way.

  2. This is just brilliant. Sitting in bed at 23.30 in Birmingham UK just waiting for the results of the general election. Your wonderful photo and inspiring words give hope for our next government as you remind me that politics is not set in stone we in a democracy can influence not just by the ballot box but also by the power of the written word.

    1. Yes! And it is our responsibility as citizens to continually guide our elected representatives by every means we can: e-mails, phone calls, snail mail. Let them know what we think of the job they’re doing in our behalf. That’s how we stand in our power and remind them it’s only out on loan to them.

      The NY Times are projecting a loss for the Conservatives. In our home, we’re following the results of your elections with great interest…and optimism! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xoxoM

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